The Nursery

Little Clouds Nursery opened in 2018.

There are three open plan playrooms on the ground floor and one large playroom on the top floor.

On the ground level, there are three departments: Fluffy Clouds, Moonbeams and Sunrays and each of these rooms has open access onto a covered decked area which leads onto a large enclosed garden.

Free flow play between each department on the ground level is encouraged to promote children’s independence, decision making and confidence. This will also help maintain a smooth and seamless transition between departments when moving to the next stage at nursery.

The Nursery is divided into four main departments:

Fluffy Clouds

0-2 years approx


2-3 years approx



3-4 years approx

Shooting Stars

4-5 years approx

Our Team

Our nursery staff team comprises a blend of mature, experienced and professionally qualified nursery practitioners and trainees working towards their qualifications. Little Clouds Nursery provides a structured training programme for staff. We have two in-service days per year to provide regular ‘core’ training where staff are kept up to date with current issues and trends. Staff have an obligation to update their CPD and are encouraged to go on as much training as possible

All staff are screened by Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) and Registered with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), in accordance with The Care Inspectorate and the minimum ratio of staff to children is maintained as shown.

Ratio of Staff to Children


0-2 years



2-3 years



3-5 Years


New Enrolment

If you wish to enrol your child, you are required to complete a registration form and return it to us. If spaces and staffing allow you will be issued with an offer letter stating your start date and chosen sessions. This needs to be signed and returned to us along with a deposit of £150  to secure your child’s place.

Settling In Sessions

Your child will be settled into our nursery gradually. First spending one hour then building up to a half-day session which may include lunch. This phasing in allows your child to become familiar with our nursery surroundings and staff. These settling in sessions usually last a week, but this is dependent on each individual child.  We understand that every child is different and our aim is to make these sessions as flexible and comforting as possible to guarantee that both you and your child are well adjusted to our surroundings. We find that on a child’s first few days at the nursery it is best for parents to leave as quickly as possible and with the minimum of fuss. Separation isn’t easy and we do not want this process delayed. On your child’s first day you will receive a phone call to reassure any worried parents.


Starting Nursery

We provide complimentary Settling in Sessions which gives you and your child time to get familiar with our nursery. Once your child starts with us, they will be assigned a designated key worker. Your child’s key worker will be responsible for monitoring your child’s development and will be your first point of contact at nursery. Your child’s key worker will always be available to discuss your child’s progress.

Key Worker

During the admission stage, every child is allocated a key worker. The key worker’s role is to make the child feel cherished and thought about by someone in particular while they are away from home.

The key worker’s responsibilities include

  • Settling the child into Little Clouds Nursery
  • Liaising with relevant staff and other agencies to discuss any concerns
  • Communicating and liaising with parents/carers
  • Making observations on the child
  • Updating your child’s learning journey
  • General care for your child
  • Implementing individual planned activities for your child

Learning Journeys

Your child will have an individual learning journey which will track their progress throughout their time at Little Clouds Nursery. Using both the Pre-Birth to three and The Curriculum for Excellence documents provide guidance on assessment which we follow in the nursery.

During your child’s time in nursery, staff will monitor their development and record their progress. We use these files to compile a Settling in Report within two months of your child starting nursery and a progress report before your child moves department. You will be given the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress at any stage, with both formal and informal sessions throughout the year.

Along with these reports the learning journeys will keep you informed of your child’s progress at Little Clouds Nursery.

Daily Routines and Plans

Each department operates a daily routine with a programme of activities planned for both morning and afternoon sessions. For all the children, these allow for a high degree of flexibility within each department, meeting children’s individual needs and making sure all activities are age and stage appropriate.  Routines and plans for each department will be displayed on parents’ notice boards. Please note that planning is very flexible to follow the children’s interests and any plans displayed are a guide only.

Parents' Evenings and Meetings

Parents are very welcome in the nursery. It is vital that the staff build a warm relationship with your child and it is of great benefit if they see a positive partnership developing between parents and staff.

Parents’ Evenings are held once a year for all age groups. These take the form of a social event where parents are invited to speak to members of staff about their child’s progress at nursery, look at their folio, try out some of the activities they have been involved in and also meet parents of their children’s friends.


Moving Departments

The move to a new department is based on your child’s development – you will be consulted by your child’s key worker if they feel that your child is ready to move. The department moves normally happen 3-4 times a year in line with school terms. This means that a group of children move departments together. We find that these groups settle better than individuals moving in accordance to their birthdays.

The age ranges given for the departments are a very rough guide. Each child is treated as an individual and they will move departments when they are ready – some children respond well to new challenges and routines, whilst others may benefit from a little longer in a familiar environment.

In all departments, the children are closely supervised at all times and the high staff to child ratio ensures that the individual needs of the children are met. Daily and weekly plans are displayed, and the Senior Practitioner in each department will be happy to discuss long –term plans with you